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  • Scott “Fetch” Fetchenhier came to Silverton in 1980 in a 1969 GTO and thirty five dollars in his pocket and worked for a couple of small mining companies as a geologist and surveyor. He also worked at the Sunnyside mine as a nipper, trammer, and slusherman in the early 1980’s. He has always been fascinated by Silverton’s geology and history and has written numerous articles on the subjects and also a book on the Old Hundred mine, “Ghosts and Gold”. His hobby of exploring old mines the past three decades makes for some fascinating stories.

  • During a period of unemployment in 1982 Fetch’s Mining and Mercantile Company was started and has been in business for 32 years. Fetch’s has become an information hub, a must see for visitors wanting to learn a little geology or history about the surrounding mines. Fetch has hiked, four-wheeled and dirt biked much of the San Juans and is happy to get his maps out and send visitors on a new hike, jeep road to nearby ghost towns, or a quick dirt bike or ATV ride to local mines or mining towns.

  • Of course if you have the time he’ll probably share a story with you about his adventures or tell you one of a seemingly endless list of jokes. You’ll be treated like friends and family and certainly enjoy the atmosphere while looking for t-shirts and souvenirs. Don’t miss a visit to the store when you are in Silverton and especially a visit with “Fetch”.


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