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  1. Womens Colorado Tattoo Hat

    Womens Colorado Tattoo Hat

    Look cool in this fashionable women's hat with Colorado embroidered onto a distressed patch and tattoo design wrap around. This hat has a stylish build and a shorter bill, perfect for looking hot in Colorado. Learn More

  2. Woman's Blue Silverton, CO Hoodie Woman's Blue Silverton, CO Hoodie

    Woman's Blue Silverton, CO Hoodie

    This beautiful blue woman's hooded jacket is a great souvenir to remember your trip to Silverton, CO by. The hoodie has a fitted waistband and sleeves that is great for keeping out the cold on chilly days, and a large pocket at the bottom to keep your hands warm. The front of the jacket has the word, "COLORADO" arched over a round seal that says "Rocky Mountains" and has their picture in the middle. Below the seal is the name, "Silverton." Both the writing and the seal are embroidered in a light cream thread. Learn More

  3. The Western San Juan Mountains Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History

    The Western San Juan Mountains Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History

    The Western San Juan Mountains

    Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History

    The San Juan Skyway winds its way up, over, and through canyons, mesas, plateaus, mountains, plains, and valleys. The sheer variety of landforms makes the Skyway a veritable classroom for the amateur naturalist and historian. The most complete work published on the natural history of southwest Colorado's majestic mountain system, The Western San Juan Mountains: Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History is designed to be used while exploring the scenic 235-mile paved San Juan Skyway, which passes through Durango, Silverton, Ouray, Telluride, Dolores, and Cortez. The Western San Juan Mountains covers the physical environment, the biological communities, the human history, and points of interest represented on milepost signs along the highway. Some of the many topics covered include: how the San Juan Mountains were formed; why the landscape is so rugged and picturesque; why the vegetation changes from the lowlands to the alpine heights; energy and mineral resources of the area; why these mountains intrigued early explorers; factors that influence the unpredictable weather; and the first-known inhabitants. The contributions to this guide include Fort Lewis College geologists, biologists, archaeologists, historians, and other specialists. Together they have amassed more than one hundred years of study based not only on previous work but on their own research. This generously illustrated guidebook is aimed at all those who wish to understand this intricate mountain system in much greater detail than provided by most picture books.

    Rob Blair (Managing Editor)

    Tom Ann Casey, William H. Romme, Richard N. Ellis (Technical Editors)

    Learn More

  4. The San Juan Triangle of Colorado Mountains of Minerals

    The San Juan Triangle of Colorado Mountains of Minerals

    The San Juan Triangle of Colorado

    Mountains of Minerals

    The spectacular landscapes of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado are graphic evidence of the violent geology that concentrated a wealth of minerals in the triangle loosely defined by the picturesque mining towns of Telluride, Silverton and Ouray. An ancient hunting ground of indigenous peoples, these rugged high peaks concealed gold and silver discovered by westerners only in the last 150 years. These discoveries spurred mining booms and engineering feats as man worked to penetrate the ore- and crystal-laden cliffs and peaks. Modern visitors to the San Juans still collect minerals in the many prospects and trek the highways and byways that were first carved into the mountains by the pioneers. The mining history and stunning scenery of the San Juans is impossible to ignore, as are the Mountains of Minerals that make them so.

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  5. The San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado

    The San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado

    The San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado

    Calderas, Mastodons, Conquistadors & Gold

    Concentrating on unique events, people whose stories have never fully been told, and a few "new" facts, The San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado - Calderas, Mastodons, Conquistadors, and Gold provides a wealth of information, starting with the true boundaries of Colorado's San Juans. Through extensive research, P. David Smith destroys many long standing theories about this mysterious range, showing that Paleo hunters lived in the San Juans year round and the Spanish prospected almost continuously in the area but had little luck smelting the gold and silver ores. Smith shows how the Utes went from one of the poorest Native American tribes to one of the richest and points out that the Pueblo Indians (Anasazi) were the first of the historic tribes in Colorado and the San Juans. He also notes that Coronado or his men may well have been in the San Juans, rightfully looking for "Cibolla" amidst what has proven to be extremely mineral-rich terrain. Detailing the beginnings of the historically rich San Juans of Colorado, this work is one that both historians and history-lovers have awaited. It is true history that may be stranger than fiction. But it may also be true history that will enlighten those who visit and live in this unique part of the world.

    By P. David Smith (Author)

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  6. The Eastern San Juan Mountains Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History

    The Eastern San Juan Mountains Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History

    The Eastern San Juan Mountains

    Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History

    A companion to The Western San Juan Mountains (originally published in 1996), The Eastern San Juan Mountains details the physical environment, biological communities, human history, and points of interest in this rich and diverse mountain system. A natural division between the eastern and western slopes of the San Juans is the north-south line that runs approximately through Lake City, south of the crossing of the Piedra River by US Highway 160. In this super guidebook, twenty-seven contributors--all experts in their fields--artfully bring the geology, hydrology, animal and plant life, human histories, and travel routes of these eastern slopes to life. Designed to inform researchers, educators, and students about the region's complex systems, The Eastern San Juan Mountains also serves as an informative guidebook to accompany visitors along their travels on the Silver Thread National Scenic Byway, which stretches between South Fork and Lake City. The Eastern San Juan Mountains deserves a place next to The Western San Juan Mountains on the bookshelf of every naturalist, researcher, resident, educator, student, and tourist seeking a greater understanding of this marvelous place and its history.

    Rob Blair (Editor) and George Bracksieck

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  7. Stony Pass: The Tumbling and Impetuous Trail

    Stony Pass: The Tumbling and Impetuous Trail

    Stony Pass: The tumbling and impetuous trail [Paperback]

    Stony Pass: The Tumbling and Impetuous Trail [Paperback] Cathy Kindquist’s well-researched and fascinating story of one of the earliest routes into the San Juans, before the coming of the railroad.

    By Cathy Kindquist (Author)

    Paperback: 134 pages Cathy Elsa Kindquist (Author)

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  8. Southwest Colorado High Country Day Hikes

    Southwest Colorado High Country Day Hikes

    There is a special aura about Southwest Colorado. The region has an astounding array of geologic formations, including hot springs, Anasazi cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde, the highest mountain top mesa in the world at Grand Mesa, the majestic Black Canyon of the Gunnison River and most of the highest peaks on the northern continent situated in its five national parks and five wilderness areas. It has more Victorian buildings, mining history, ghost towns, wild flowers, magnificent aspen forests, picturesque auto tours and 4-wheel drive high mountain exploration roads than any other geographic area in the north continent, and perhaps all the world. This is of course not to mention some of the Colorado's best snow skiing. Along with all of this is some of the most memorable high country hiking imaginable.

    We have chosen three historic Victorian towns as the hubs for 60 scenic trails: Ouray, Silverton and Crested Butte. We include early season trails that have lower elevations, but most of the hikes are above timberline with trailheads starting over 9,000 feet and climbing to over 13,000 feet. Hiking above timberline is extremely gratifying; it evokes a sense of grandeur not found in the forests or lower elevations. Numerous hikes follow parts of the spectacular Continental Divide Trail and the Colorado Trail. Many hikes are cross country following intermittent animal and old pack trails. We did not seek out the highest peaks as they are covered sufficiently in other books. We did, however, include some of the easier peaks to introduce this type of environment to some that might not otherwise experience the opportunity.

    This is Colorado high country hiking at its best.

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  9. Snowflakes and Quartz

    Snowflakes and Quartz

    Snowflakes and Quartz

    Stories of the Early Days in the San Juan Mountains

    Revised Second Edition

    Snowflakes and Quartz is a most unusual book documenting life growing up in a mining town at the turn of the century in western Colorado. Louis Wyman was the man who lived that life, writing what it was like traveling in the first car to come to town as a young boy; what it was like working in the mines; the hardships; the humor; the funny characters in town. And then, writing of the sadness and trauma as be watched his town of Silverton, once one of the most famous camps of the West, slowly fade. Almost forty short stories are gathered here. They'll make you laugh and they'll make you cry. Almost fifty photographs and the author's good writing help to preserve past with learning about and remembering.

    By Louis Wyman (Author)

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  10. Silverton Hiking Guide

    Silverton Hiking Guide

    Silverton Hiking Guide: Favorite Hikes From Silverton, Colorado [Paperback]

    34 Favorite Hikes Beginning in Silverton Colorado

    From easy walks to to adventurous hikes and climbs

    The Silverton Hiking Guide contains easy-to-follow instructions for enjoying some of the very best hiking trails in Colorado. From easy, short distance walks to seldom visited high-elevation basins. Many of the hikes described give further options for climbs to adjoining peaks and ridges.

    Written by the author of Ouray Hiking Guide and Trails Less Traveled, each hike is detailed as to degree of difficulty, distances, timings and other useful information. There are elevations, graphs, descriptions to trail heads and step-by-step instructions for the hike itself.

    Kent has hand picked these particular hikes to cover a broad range of what is available within a ten mile radius of Silverton. The guide is designed to accommodate all levels of experience.

    Learn More

  11. Silverton Gold

    Silverton Gold

    Silverton Gold: The Story of Colorado's Largest Gold Mine [Paperback] Allan Bird’s story of one of the state’s largest underground gold mines, the Sunnyside located in Silverton, Colorado.

    Born of the Pike's Peak gold rush, Colorado's mining heritage continues. Seldom in those years has its history been written by a mining man who knows the industry from experience and loves it history. Allan Bird is that rare exception. Since his start at Caribou in 1951, he has been working, for the most part, in Colorado. It was he who developed the Sunnyside Mine into one of Colorado's great mines of recent years.

    Learn More

  12. Silver & Sawdust Life in the San Juans

    Silver & Sawdust Life in the San Juans

    In less than a decade the major mining towns of the San Juans went from temporary communities of tents and shacks to thriving cities with telephones and electric lights. Silver and Sawdust gives the reader an intimate look at the day-to-day lives of the men and women who lived in the booming San Juan mining camps of the late 1880s - the years of a silver boom that many believed would last a hundred years, but which ended abruptly in 1893. These are the stories of ordinary, yet extraordinary, lives. It tells of how they worked, played, raised families, and died in the midst of some of the most awesome scenery in the world during the glory years of San Juan silver.

    Author Ken Reyher is a former history teacher and crop- dusting pilot. His articles have appeared in several national publications, he writes historical columns for two Western Slope newspapers, and he is a regional poet. Reyher has made several solo hikes along extended portions of pioneer trails using only the tools, food and clothing of a century and a half ago. He lives with his wife Jan outside Olathe, Colorado with their numerous horses and dogs. His first book, Antoine Robidoux and Fort Uncompahgre is also published by Western Reflections Publishing Company.

    By Ken Reyher

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